Artisinal Butcher Featuring All Raised in the Following Manner: No Hormones, No Antibiotics, Humanely and Sustainably

  • Pasture raised hogs of the Berkshire or Duroc breeds. Both are Heritage breeds raised for their rich flavor and palate pleasing tenderness.
  • Grass Fed and Grass finished Beef, Raised in the traditional manner of ruminant foraging.
  • Grass Fed and Grain finished Beef, Raised on grass for the majority of the time while being finished on a Non-GMO grain diet to add that extra marbling for superior flavor.
  • Pastured Lamb raised humanely and sustainably
  • Pastured Poultry available year round in our dedicated Iced Poultry case. We are building this program off of Whole Birds broken down for the consumer at their request.
  • Very few merchants operate a poultry program in this manner today.