Breakfast (served all day)

Bacon, egg & cheese $3.49  Sausage, egg & cheese $3.99 Ham, egg & cheese $3.49

Turkey, egg & cheese $3.49    Egg & cheese $1.99    Egg $1.99

Wraps: Egg white, turkey & avocado $4.99

Yogurt & Fruit Cup: vanilla yogurt, cut fresh fruit, granola $4.99

Muffin of the Day $2.25


Sandwiches or Wraps

Rotisserie Chicken Salad $8.99 –      Deviled Egg Salad  $8.99         Classic Tuna Salad  $8.99

Grilled Vegetables with herbed goat cheese  $8.99

BLT: bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo  $7.99

Deli Sandwiches  choice of Roast Beef, Turkey, Honey Turkey, Ham, Honey Ham, Genoa Salami  $9.99

Cured Meats:   Corned Beef or Pastrami   $10.99

Specialty Meats: choice of mortadella, prosciutto, coppa, sopressata $10.99

Please select from: Ciabata Roll, multi-grain, pumpernickle or rye, wheat wrap

Optional extras: avocado $1.00   bacon $1.50  cheese $1.00 fresh mozzarella $2.00  baby arugula $0.00 tomatoes $0.25


Designer Sandwiches

Parmesan Subs (all subs are on Ciabata roll with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheese)

Chicken Cutlet $9.99       Eggplant $9.99       Meatball $9.99       Shrimp $12.99

Cordon Bleu: breaded chicken breast, ham, swiss, dijon mustard, brioche or Ciabata roll $10.99

Monte Cristo: turkey, ham, swiss, maple-dijon mustard, brioche or Ciabata roll $9.99

Cheesesteak: shaved steak, provolone, sautéed onions, bbq sauce or ketchup, Ciabata roll $12.99

Reuben: grilled pastrami, swiss, russian dressing, rye bread $10.99

Margherita: fresh mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, marinara drizzle, Ciabata roll $9.99

Buffalo Blaze: sliced buffalo chicken, monterey jack cheese, mayo, hot sauce, lettuce on Ciabata roll $9.99

Honey Dew: honey ham, honey turkey, muenster cheese, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato $9.99

The Turk: roast turkey, bacon, cheddar, horseradish mayo on Ciabata (hot or cold) $10.99

The Gouda Intention: honey turkey, bacon, gouda cheese, sliced apple mayo on whole wheat $10.99

The Raging Bull: house roast beef, jack cheese, sriracha mayo, lettuce, tomato on hoagie roll $10.99

Pepper Rona: Pepperoni, Hot Capicola, Fresh Mozzarella, Arugula, Oil and Vinegar

Boss Hog: BBQ Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Sliced Pickles, Provolone Cheese  $11.99


Hoagies (all on ciabata or hoagie rolls)

Italian Combo   prosciutto, sopressata, mortadella, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil, sweet & hot pepper relish $12.99

Russian   breaded chicken cutlet, muenster cheese, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, russian dressing $10.99

Roast Beef   roast beef, aged gruyere, baby arugula, horseradish mayo $9.99

Turkey   turkey breast, colby cheddar, bibb lettuce, tomatoes $9.99
Caesar Chicken   grilled breast of chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan shreds, caesar dressing $9.99

The Mount Kisco Special   breaded chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Ciabata roll $9.99

American Combo: ham, roast beef, turkey, swiss cheese, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato, o/v, mayo Ciabata roll $10.99

American Italiano: ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar Ciabata roll $10.99



Beef Cheese Burger $7.99     Salmon $14.99     Vegan Mushroom $9.99

Inquire for availability:  Lamb Burger $14.99    Sweet Onion Burger  $11.99

Customize it your way:
avocado $2.00  bacon $1.50  cheese $1.00  grilled onions $0.50  pickle slices $0.25



The Melting Stand


Grilled Cheese Sammie  $5.99

Select your Cheese:  Cheddar – Mozzarella –  Muenster – Swiss – Monterey Jack – American
Select your Bread:  Multi-grain – Rye-Pumpernickel

Customize it your way:
avocado $1.00    bacon $1.50    tomato $0.50    pesto $0.50    pulled pork $2.00    extra cheese $1.00


Salad Bowls

Mixed Greens: mesclun mix, ugly tomatoes, english cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette  $6.99

Caesar: romaine, roma tomatoes, shredded parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing  $6.99

Cobb: romaine & bibb lettuce, hard-boiled egg, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette  $8.99

Chef: romaine & bibb lettuce, turkey, ham, roast beef, swiss, cheddar, roma tomatoes, ranch dressing  $9.99

Vegan Buddah Bowls: (Inquire for daily special)  $7.99


Salad Additions:
$3.00  Salmon $4 .00 Shrimp $4.00  Steak $4.00    Walnuts $1.00  Pecans $1.50  Ciabatta Croutons $1.00




Buffalo or BBQ  $8.99/lb


Grains & Sides

Potato Salad: potatoes, hard-boiled egg, mayo, scallions $4.99/lb

Coleslaw: cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise dressing $4.99/lb

Pasta Primavera: farfalle, vegetables, garlic $7.99/lb

Quinoa Tabbouleh: cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, scallions, shallots, lemon-olive oil vinaigrette $8.99/lb

Grilled Vegetables: eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, onion, asparagus, mushrooms $11.99/lb


Kids Lunch Boxes $6.99 each

(for ages 10 and under only, custom designed)


Please select one deli meat:      Turkey  –  Ham   –  Roast Beef   –   Salami
Please select one cheese:    
Cheddar  –  American  –  Swiss  –  Provolone  –  Monterey Jack
Choose your toppings:    Lettuce 0.00    Tomatoes 0.00      Avocado $1.00     Bacon $1.00
Pick your condiment:  Mayo  –   Mustard

Choose your Bread:     Ciabata –   Grain  –   Rye  –   Pumpernickel
Snack healthy, please choose one:      
Carrot Sticks  –   Celery Sticks  –   Apple Slices

Kids Melts $6.99 each (for ages 10 and under only)

Grilled Cheese: cheddar or swiss; country white, grain, rye or pumpernickel bread

Chicken Tenders Meal: crispy chicken tenders & ooey-gooey mac ‘n cheese

Pasta Meal: today’s pasta with meatballs, marinara sauce & melted mozzarella

Crispy Chicken: fried chicken cutlet, cheddar cheese, Russian dressing on brioche


****Inquire about Soups of the Day****